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Ms. Marvel & Ant-Man’s Daughter Stature Is The MCU Team-Up We Need

Potential Young Avengers teammates Ms. Marvel and Stature, aka Ant-Man’s daughter, become the MCU team-up we’d love to see in this new piece of fan art. As the MCU heads into Phase 4 and beyond, the franchise is looking to shake things up in several ways. Beyond introducing new heroes like Shang-Chi and Blade, Marvel will once again attempt to expand into television with a slew of shows destined for Disney+. Fan favorite Ms. Marvel will be one of the many characters getting their own shows on the streaming service, with newcomer Iman Vellani poised to play the hero for the MCU.

The addition of Ms. Marvel, along with that of Kate Bishop in Hawkeye and (potentially) America Chavez in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, has led some to wonder if the MCU could be gearing up for a Young Avengers project further down the line. There are already several young heroes present within the massive franchise poised for the spotlight, from Ty Simpkin’s Harley Keener (who could be Iron Lad) to Scott Lang’s daughter Cassie, who in the comics goes on to be the size-altering Stature. It certainly looks like the foundation for this team is being set.

Fans are already alight with the many partnership possibilities the Young Avengers present, as seen through this new piece from venomhology. In it, Vellani’s Ms. Marvel suits up alongside Emma Fuhrmann’s Stature, making a compelling case for these two joining forces in the future. After all, their powers share some similarities, but also enough differences that they can complement each other well. Check out the art down below.

While Ms. Marvel is certain to play a big role in the MCU going forward, Cassie’s future is a little less certain. Cassie was initially introduced as a young girl in 2015’s Ant-Man, but the events of Avengers: Endgame aged her up five years, making her a teen. Cassie has already demonstrated a desire to become a hero just like her dad, which could easily pave a path for her to become Stature. Seeing as there is an Ant-Man 3 on the way, there could very well be a superhero moment for Cassie in the MCU’s future.

If so, Cassie will be just the latest young hero available for a potential Young Avengers project. While some characters are merely speculated at this point (such as, again, Harley Keener), it does look like the MCU is slowly accumulating Young Avengers members. Could the above Ms. Marvel/Stature art become a reality someday? Maybe. It would certainly be quite the spectacle. Hopefully Marvel truly is working towards the Young Avengers so that fans can see this new generation of heroes get brought to the big screen.